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Serial connection to a 2400 source meter with Kickstart.

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Serial connection to a 2400 source meter with Kickstart.

Post by Burt2400 » August 12th, 2016, 1:03 am

I’m using the Keithley 2400 source meter which I would like to use with the KickStart Instrument Control Software program.

The setup of the Sourcemeter :
Firmware : C33
Baudrate : 9600
Databits : 8
Parity : None
Flowcontrol : None
Terminator : <CR>
For Kickstart i’m unsing Version

The source meter runs fine when I use a serial connection and sending SCPI command’s to it. Also the source meter works fine with one of the LabVIEW example program’s for this source meter. :)

Ones I use the Kickstart program and use the “Refresh Instrument Discovery” Button, it start looking for all possible connected instruments on all the com port that I have. It sends out the *IDN? command to see which instruments are connected. 8-)

In my case it’s connected to Com3 (see attached file) and I can see with a monitor program that it sends out the *IDN? command and the source meter respond to it.
Kickstart.jpg (500.69 KiB) Viewed 14917 times
But at the end of the discovery action, the Kickstart program is not able to find it.
Does anybody know what I’m doing wrong. ? :?:
Do I need to use a GPIB connection instead ?. Sounds strange, because its send out command’s on the com ports. :!:

Dale C
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Keithley Applications
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Re: Serial connection to a 2400 source meter with Kickstart.

Post by Dale C » August 12th, 2016, 5:49 am

Hello Burt,
Sorry. Kickstart does not support Serial (RS-232).
That is why you are having these issues.
I would recommend using a USB to GPIB adapter. Keithley Model KUSB-488B is a fine example.

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Re: Serial connection to a 2400 source meter with Kickstart.

Post by Amjad_F » April 10th, 2017, 4:39 am

Is there any software like kickstart or Labtracer that can communicate using RS-232 with 2400 SMU?

If not, any expected date of release?

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