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Keithley 2000 + Keithley 6430 + PreAmp

Models 2400, 2401, 2410, 2420, 2425, 2430, 2440, 6430
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Keithley 2000 + Keithley 6430 + PreAmp

Post by Raiden » October 11th, 2017, 12:35 am

Hello together,

so on, I wanna set up a high resistance measurement.
Current should be sourced on the Keithley 6430, measuring with the Keithely 2000 and so on calculating resistance.
Is it possible to use this devices in combination?
Provided cables:

Keithley 6430 Low-Noise Triax cable to 3 alligator clips
Keithley Ca-186-1D
Keithley 8607 2-wiresource banana test cables
Multimeter cable
Mainframe connection cable between PreAmp and 6430

I don´g get the values, maybe it´s just the contact of the probe and DUT (very small).
Also, it could be the wrong probes.

Maybe one of you knowing my set up and knows hints.

I hope my info and questions are clear!

Thank you in attend

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Andrea C
Keithley Applications
Keithley Applications
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Re: Keithley 2000 + Keithley 6430 + PreAmp

Post by Andrea C » October 13th, 2017, 5:19 am

The model 2000 is a general purpose multimeter and does not have current source capability.
Your 6430 SourceMeter can most likely perform the measurement by itself. Have a look in the Reference manual and DUT connections.
If the DUT ohms is less than 100 ohms, consider using 4-wire connections.

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