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Getting status while waiting for TRACE:DATA?

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Getting status while waiting for TRACE:DATA?

Post by jp3141 » May 5th, 2018, 12:30 pm

I have a measurement that potentially takes a long time (constant current into a capacitor, and fill trace buffer with voltage readings vs. time; the capacitance is unknown at the start - the trace takes a few mins). I am using a 2500-element trace buffer. The key parts of my code are :

K2400.write("TRACE:POINTS ", str(NumPoints))
K2400.write("TRIG:COUNT ", str(NumPoints))
K2400.write("OUTPUT ON")

# long delay here for TRACE to complete on 2400

print(K2400.query("TRACE:POINTS:ACTUAL?").strip(), "data points collected.")
print(K2400.query("TRACE:DATA?").replace(",", "\n"))
Readings = [float(n) for n in K2400.query("TRACE:DATA?").split(",")]

After INIT, the code waits (timeout is set to long enough) until the TRACE:POINTS:ACTUAL? returns. On the instrument itself, the display continually updates with the voltage as it ramps (charging the capacitor).

How can I programmable 'watch' the charging ? Ultimately I would also like to terminate the 2500-count sweep when the instrument reaches compliance.

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