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Diode laser LIV using 2400 and 2502

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Diode laser LIV using 2400 and 2502

Post by jam_27 » September 17th, 2018, 4:24 am


I am trying to write a VB based code to measure light-current-voltage (LIV) of a diode laser under CW operation, using the 2400 as a current source (and measuring voltage with it in 4 wire configuration), while using the 2502 --ammeter connected to a detector to measure the photo-current from the laser. I convert the photo-current to optical power using the appropriate responsivity at the laser wavelength.

I can control the 2400 and the 2502 separately using my VB code, but having problems setting up the LIV measurement sequence and understanding the timing between measurements. Is there an code example or measurement flow-chart which I use?


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