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Error: +800 Illegal with storage active with 2400

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Error: +800 Illegal with storage active with 2400

Post by AnthiaKoun » October 21st, 2019, 2:01 am

I am using Keithley 2400-C Sourcemeter, Labview 2013(32 bit), Keithley Drivers Version 3.12 and my Laptop is 64 bits and it has Windows 10. The Keithley Source meter is connected to the laptop via the KUSB-488B. I am running a program on LabView (it is attached).
\When I press the button Start Linear Stair Sweep the Keithley makes a beep and shows an error 800: illegal with storage active. I used to do all these with another PC and there was no problem.In this post viewtopic.php?t=70 it says :

+800 Illegal with storage active with 2400 - +800 can occur while trying to clear the buffer of a 2400 with :TRAC:CLE command if the 2400 is set to :TRAC:FEED:CONT NEXT .
To resolve error send a :TRAC:FEED:CONT NEVER prior to a ;TRAC:CLE
Otherwise the 2400 will be waiting for the next value to be captured into the buffer.
Note:SYST:PRES or *RST will have no effect on the commands in this subsystem.

I have also uploaded a screenshot of the block diagram and I have marked with red the parts, where the error occurs when I run the Highlight Execution.
What should I change in my program?
Thank you very much
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