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2400 SMU unresponsive via GPIB (timeout) after READ? or FETCh? command

Posted: August 4th, 2021, 7:02 am
by Felisnigripes

I am trying to set up an I-V sweep using the 2400 SMU connected via GPIB with Matlab.

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source_range = 1E-3;
meas_range = 2;
fprintf(obj,[':SOUR:FUNC CURR']); 
fprintf(obj,[":SENS:FUNC 'VOLT:DC'"]);
fprintf(obj,[':SOUR:CURR:START 0E-6']);
fprintf(obj,[':SOUR:CURR:STOP 1E-3']);
fprintf(obj,[':SOUR:CURR:STEP 100E-6']);
fprintf(obj,[':SOUR:CURR:MODE SWE']);   
fprintf(obj,[':SOUR:CURR:RANG ' num2str(source_range)]);
fprintf(obj,[':SOUR:VOLT:RANG ' num2str(meas_range)]); 
fprintf(obj,[':SOUR:SWE:SPAC LIN']);
numpoints = query(obj, "SOUR:SWE:POIN?");
fprintf(obj,[':TRIG:COUN ' numpoints]);
fprintf(obj,[':SOUR:DEL 0.1']);

fprintf(obj,[':OUTP ON']);


fprintf(obj,[':OUTP OFF']);
However, after the 'FETC?' command, the SMU becomes unresponsive to any Matlab command. Switching to LOCAL on the front panel makes it responsive again.

Why is this and how can I fix this issue?