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Combining multiple 2400 for more current capacity

Posted: March 11th, 2011, 9:28 am
by breinoso

I have three 2400 units and I am planning to connect them together (in parallel) for a test where the DUT might require up to 2.3Amp. I was planning to connect the "master" 2400 in 4-wire configuration to control the voltage and the two "helper" 2400s in current compliance of 1A, with voltage clamp set so that it is larger than what the master needs to control. These two "helper" would be in 2-wire mode (I don't care too much about their voltage). The challenge is that the DUT will change the current from ~200uA up to 2.2A in about 2ms.

Are there any specifications on what the Force/Sense control loop response time is?

How much would the voltage sag (assuming I am forcing 3.5V) if the load changes from uA to colse to 1A?

Can I use the trigger port to have all 3 start forcing their voltages/currents synchronously?

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. Unfortunately I can't buy a 2430 at this time :(

Re: Combining multiple 2400 for more current capacity

Posted: March 17th, 2011, 4:08 am
by Andrea C

I have uploaded a PDF application note on combining SMUs in parallel for higher current. While this app note references the use of the 2600 series, the concepts apply also to the 2400 series. Give this a read and then let's revisit how you want to approach this.