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Diode Testing

Posted: May 8th, 2011, 1:15 am
by muhammadkashif
WE have 1 2400 sourcemeter i want to knw how we can test the I-V as well as C-V characterization of diode is it possible to do testing of C-V and I-V characterization please guide me in this regard i tried many times but not sucessfull so please if u have video or data or examples for diode testing please provide me .

Muhammad Kashif

Re: Diode Testing

Posted: May 9th, 2011, 5:29 am
by Dale C
The Model 2400 can certainly be used to measure I-V characteristics.
But not C-V. The Model 4200 with the Model 4210-CVU module would be able to measure C-V.
To measure I-V with the Model 2400 you could use the front panel "sweep" function. You could create an I-V sweep and store the data.
Look at the following videos at this link for front panel operation.
To use this with software I would recommend using Labtracer software. This is a free down load from this the link on the Keithley web site.
Please not that this works only with GPIB.
I recommend the Model KUSB-488B. This is a USB to GPIB adapter from Keithley.
With this adapter and this software and the 2400 you can run I-V sweeps very easily. The data is graph form and tabular form. You can also save the data to a file.
The Model 4200 with the 4210-CVU module has it's own software to run CV measurements.