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200 ms voltage pulses with LabView

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200 ms voltage pulses with LabView

Post by BillyE » November 30th, 2010, 10:48 am

Hello, I am a happy 2410 user, and I generally control the instrument via labview, in part because of needing to coordinate timing with other instruments. I need to do an experiment using voltage pulses, and the application note "Generating Current or Voltage Pulses with ‘non-pulse mode’ SourceMeter" implies that the 2410 should be capable of pulses as quick as 2 ms. So 200 ms should be cake, right?
Here's what I need to do: While measuring current at a reasonable time resolution (maybe 20 Hz), apply:
200 ms pulse at 1 V
200 ms pulse at 0.05 V
600 ms pulse at 0.2 V
then the labview program will do something like switch channels, and do the pulse sequence again.

What I've done in the past is sort of manually timed everything with single-point commands to the 2410. In other words, for a 1 second pulse, the program would go "if t<1s, apply V=1, elseif t<2s, apply V=0.05, else apply V=0.2" But for some reason, Labview and the 2410 only communicate at about 5 Hz! This is too slow for manually applying and measuring 200 ms pulses. I feel like 20 Hz isn't even asking much but I still can't get it.
I couldn't quite gather from the application note "Generating Current or Voltage Pulses with ‘non-pulse mode’ SourceMeter" how to do something like that through LabView. Can anyone suggest how to do this, or alternately, how to get faster communication between LabView and the 2410? I feel that there should be some way to send an instruction to the instrument, "please apply this sequence of pulses and report back with all the current you measured" and then the communication between program and instrument wouldn't even matter. But any suggestions are welcome.

Dale C
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Keithley Applications
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Re: 200 ms voltage pulses with LabView

Post by Dale C » November 30th, 2010, 1:47 pm

Here is a Labview 2009 VI that might help with your pulsing issue on the 2410.
The times are not exact. But you can experiment with the SOUR:DELAY commands to get what you require.
This is done by using a SOURCE MEMORY SWEEP.
Three locations are programmed and the sweep goes around 100 times.
If you need more or less then look at the command :TRIG:COUNT 300.
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Abdul Ahad
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Re: 200 ms voltage pulses with LabView

Post by Abdul Ahad » June 30th, 2018, 10:43 am

I have question, can i add 2182A in between for the voltage measurement and 2400 for source only.

Is it make the pulse more small ?

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