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2400 continous data

Models 2400, 2401, 2410, 2420, 2425, 2430, 2440, 6430
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2400 continous data

Post by fstevens » July 1st, 2010, 8:08 am

Keithley 2400. I would like to do a voltage sweep and collect the data through RS-232 connection. I want to do this for hours and as fast as possible. Is it possible to read data out of the meter while its still measuring/writing? For example divide the 2500 points buffer by half and read one half while simultaneously writing to the other. I have not been able to accomplish this.

Also, is it possible to save the data directly to my computer instead of limiting myself to batches of 2500 points? The purpose of the measurements requires high speed and real time plotting, but I am not getting the data fast enough. I am constantly required to put delays on my code (in Python) because the computer can't access the data fast enough. Please any help with issue will be greatly appreciated.

Dale C
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Keithley Applications
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Re: 2400 continous data

Post by Dale C » July 1st, 2010, 8:30 am

1. RS-232 is the slowest method of transmitting data from the 2400 to the computer.
The first thing I would suggest is to use GPIB. GPIB can go at a rate of about 1M byte per second.
RS-232 on the 2400 is about 57600 BAUD at maximum.
2. The 2400 can store data and send data at the same time. This will slow the data taking process. By how much I am not sure and do not have the timing difference numbers.
3. Storing data in the trace buffer is the fastest method to take data on the 2400. However, you are limited to the 2500 points.
4. Taking and sending data without storing the data is slower but this could be continuous.
Just use a loop with a :READ?
5. How fast do you need to take data?
The absolute maximum speed of the 2400 is about 2000 readings per second.

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