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Pulse I Measure V

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Pulse I Measure V

Post by Hirumaredx » June 22nd, 2021, 12:09 am


Im rather new to this, so sorry if I am asking a silly question.
I want to measure pulse voltage using the function PulseIMeasureV. I have a 2601B SMU which I am controling with Keithley 2600 Series Labview driver. Printscreen is included in attachments (is potato quality, so either download or try the VI).

1) Im getting the error code 5038: Index Exceeds Maximum Reading and my buffer data are: 9.91000e+37.
2) There is no buffer connection in ConfigPulseIMeasureV. It is in ConfigPulseVMeasureI, but Im getting the same error as in 1).

I guess Im doing something wrong with buffers?

Thanks for all replies!
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Re: Pulse I Measure V

Post by rmtoja » July 1st, 2021, 9:28 am


I don't know anything about Labview, I always used TSP scripts from a flash drive.

I had a similar problem before, and my solution was to get the factory scripts and modify them. You could look at the reference manual for "Retrieving and modifying a factory script listing" (page 9-20 in the Rev.E January 2019 edition).

The buffer inside one of these factory scripts was a non-volatile buffer, which are smaller. I changed that to a buffer whose size I could define at runtime.

Hope it helps!
My Keithley TSP scripts repo --> https://notabug.org/rmtoja

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