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Modifying KE26XXB Pulsed Sweep Single for pulsed Vg, constant Vds

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Modifying KE26XXB Pulsed Sweep Single for pulsed Vg, constant Vds

Post by Kan.T_USM » June 24th, 2020, 7:29 pm

Hi All,

I am an amateur in terms of TSB. The SMU I am using is a 2612b.

I am trying to set up a script to measure Ids and Ig under pulsed gate voltage (Vg) for an OFET, while maintaining a constant drain voltage (Vds) during the measurement. The pulsed Vg can be alternating from -1V to 1V and Vds is kept at -1V.

I can call PulsedSweepVSingle(-1, -1, 10, 0.1, 0.2, 0.1, 1, false) and set smua.source.levelv = 1 V as shown in the attached text. This would faithfully output a 20 pulsed Vg at smua alternating from -1 to 1 V as checked by oscilloscope.

1) Is it possible to introduce smua.measure.iv(smub.nvbuffer1, smub.nvbuffer2), so that not only i and v of smua can be measured, but i, v of smub can also be measured simutaneously, with a common timestamps?

2)The scripts now idle/stop i measurement after the pulsed Vg return to its off value 1 V, is it possible to keep measuring i even after Vg is in its off value?

3) The i measurement only returns single value at the end of each pulse, it there a way to output designated number of data points? Say maybe 10 or 20 points of i data regardless of on and off states.

Thanks for helping me on this issue.

Best regards,
KE26XXB Pulsed sweep single 1.txt
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