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Set a sweep pulse measurement with LabView

Posted: July 8th, 2020, 1:22 am
by ChrisBou

I want to make a pulse test with the 2612A SMU where a current is applied and we measure a voltage. I tried to do a code but the measurement is wrong and I don't understand why...
I follow exactly how the example given is made but it doesn't work, perhaps I checked the pulse on an oscilloscope and it is fine. The only problem is the voltage measurement that is not correct. The measurement was made on a 15ohm resistor with some pulse current from 0mA to 280mA.
Here is my code for this part:

The code is doing a for loop wich the increment is one value of current (from 0mA to 280mA) and we will do this for the 2 channels.
The second image is the following of the first.

Thanks for your reply