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Livestream: TSP for 2600 Series

Posted: July 31st, 2020, 11:16 am
by Brad O
There will be a follow-along live stream for programming 2600 Series SMUs on August 13th. You can watch the stream even after the event here:

If you want to follow along during the live stream, you’ll need:
  1. Any Keithley 2600 Series SMU such as:
    * General Purpose: ... ourcemeter
    * High Power: ... ourcemeter
    * High Density: ... ourcemeter
    * Pulsing: ... instrument
  2. A Windows computer with Test Script Builder installed, available for free at
  3. A way to connect your PC to your instrument. USB is recommended, but LAN, GPIB, and RS-232 are also options. You may wish to test this connection ahead of time, as we won’t spend much time on connections during the event.
  4. Devices to test on. You can skip these and use open leads, but your returned data won’t make sense:
    * An LED (a diode or even a resistor would also be fine)
    * A transistor or other 3 terminal device. If you don’t have a 2 channel SMU, you can either re-use your 2 terminal device, or grab a simple power supply to apply voltage to the gate.
  5. Cables to connect the output of your SMU to devices
There will be applications engineers available to answer questions during the live stream on YouTube. However, if your question will take some time to respond to or you'd like more detailed help, you're invited to comment below and our applications team will do their best to answer in detail.