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Response to load changes on Model 2200 power supplies.

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Response to load changes on Model 2200 power supplies.

Post by Dale C » April 25th, 2019, 8:04 am

The issue is the 2200 supply channel control circuit reacts quickly to the very large load current change.
For example... 10mA to an 1A. That is a factor of 100. All supplies will have a transient response to the large load change.
Then the supply will take some time to recover.
Reducing the source wire length and using low inductance wire will help. A very wide band supply can help reduce the voltage drop, but even this type of supply will have a glitch when there is a large load change.
This is why the 2300-series supplies were developed. These supplies have a minimal voltage droop when a large load change occurred.

During the dynamic time interval of the large load change, the test lead wire becomes an R-L-C network. Reducing wire length and using low inductance cable reduces the R and L of the cable which reduces the impedance and the Q of the test circuit. That helps to reduce potential oscillations.

Very large source or circuit capacitance can be an issue. If it is across the load and charged up, the capacitance will supply the current for the load initially and help maintain the voltage across the load since the voltage across the capacitor cannot change instantaneously.
While the supply may have a transient, the load should see a smooth voltage due to the large capacitors and their ability to store charge and supply current to the load.

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