Changing Code from TSP to SCPI commands

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Changing Code from TSP to SCPI commands

Post by moe90210 » December 7th, 2017, 1:20 am


I used to do a 4-point measurement with a Keithley 2602B (2 Channel), but now i need the SourceMeter as a second current source for my coils. I want to do the 4-point measurement with an older Keithley 2400 (1 Channel), which uses the older SCPI commands.
I have some issues changing the code. For example there is this following line

fprintf(obj1, 'smub.source.output = smua.OUTPUT_OFF');

Can someone tell me what this means? Is it just a shorter way to disable both Outputs A and B or has it a specific meaning?
Thanks for the help.

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