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Low frequency CV measurement and Quasi-static CV measurement

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Low frequency CV measurement and Quasi-static CV measurement

Post by [email protected] » March 16th, 2017, 11:59 pm

I am using Keithley 4200SCS equipped with 4225 PMU and RPM unit. I am trying to perform the Low-frequency CV and Quasistatic CV measurements but not able to get satisfactory results.
I am performing all the experiments as per the keithley Application Note.

1. During Low-frequency CV measurement I am getting the capacitance value as 70.00e+21 continuously, even after changing the expected_C and expected_R values I am not able to get the desired results.
2. During the quasistatic CV, I am getting error -239, when changed the ramp value sometimes getting the results but not as expected. After increasing the voltage range the -239 problem again arises.

Any particular solution to it?

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Re: Low frequency CV measurement and Quasi-static CV measurement

Post by Abhay_forum » April 10th, 2017, 11:33 pm

These issues are due to high current in set up during measurement. In case of very low frequency CV, very low current flow through DUT. If excess current or short CKT current flows, -239 error will be returned by instrument

If TimeOut elapses before forcing channel can place enough charge to cause voltage compliance,
FM_TIMEOUT (-239) is returned. This indicates that there is a short between forcing and
measuring SMUs, or ramp rate (dV/dt) is too small to charge capacitance before timeout is reached.

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