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Problems in CV measurement -4210CVU

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Deepak Bharti
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Problems in CV measurement -4210CVU

Post by Deepak Bharti » December 23rd, 2013, 11:21 am

Dear all,

Recently I deposited an oxide layer (HfO2-100nm) on n type Si wafer through Atomic layer deposition system. This oxide layer has Al(200 nm) electrodes over it.
I am trying to characterize it on cascade probe station with keithley 4200 SCS, by performing CV tests at frequency of 100kHz and lower.
But I am not getting desired results.
I have done following things:
1) Applied hold time of 10s and sweep delay of 3s.
2) Cable compensation (both open and short) and enabled in the project.
3) Shorted LCUR, LPOT, HCUR and HPOT.
4) Shorted chuck of probe station with HCUR.

When I run confidence check, open check is passed but short check is failed (with R=30 ohms). During run sometimes it shows 'CVL1 ABB is not locked' status.

My suspect is long triax cable of probe arm on the probe station (nearly 1m long), due to which the wire distance between DUT and shorted cable ground shields is nearly 1m.
Ideally I should get a value near to 50 nF (from C=eA/d), but I am getting C in femto and - F, Also negative sometimes.
Can long triax cable cause this much error in the results?
In any case (yes/no) what should be done?

Please guide me...
Seeking for a positive response.

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