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triggered output and getting data while script is running

Model 2651A
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triggered output and getting data while script is running

Post by naht2k6 » January 14th, 2021, 7:12 am

I have that 2651A and I have to implement it in a software.
What it has to do is kind of simple:

I want to trigger the source output with a digital input (TTL). I did this with a 2461 last year, and it was nearly no problem. I just configurated a trigger scheme which waits for digio[x] rising than turning the output on, measuring I and V while digio[x] is high and finally turning the output off when digio[x] is getting low. I used SCPI commands for this and I was able to read the buffer with the measurements with the trace:data command while the trigger scheme is running.

With the 2651A I tryed a lot, but what ever I try I cant comunicate with the device while a script is running. But I need to get measurements to display them in the software while the trigger scheme is running.

I implemented the trigger sheme with a simple script:

while true do
while digio.trigger[2].wait(1)=false do
smua.trigger.measure.iv(bufi, bufv)

So I think its the dirty way I went. So anybody knows how to implement that behavior with other tools (EventIDs, Stimuli, trigger.initiate and stuff). Or anybody knows how to get this I and V measurents (buffer values) over LAN comunication while a script is running.

Andrea C
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Re: triggered output and getting data while script is running

Post by Andrea C » March 30th, 2021, 6:08 pm

For how long will your trigger scheme need to run? Duration or number of samples between the rising and then falling edge.

Your loop running in the tsp scripting engine is not yielding to allow any command processing. I assume you are attempting to send printbuffer commands.

How’s the loop based operation working for you otherwise? Can you add some logic to print the available data to output queue every N iterations? There is a user definable SRQ you could use to signal to PC that it should - up some data.

Use of waitcomplete() will hold off most command processing, so not your friend if you want data during an active acquisition.

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