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Pulsed Sweep Concurrent Measurement

Model 2651A
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Pulsed Sweep Concurrent Measurement

Post by cscansin » April 28th, 2014, 4:48 pm


I would like to pulse staircase sweep a voltage and measure voltage and current concurrently. I have used the labVIEW driver for the 2651 to assist me. Using the KE26XX Advanced Sweep.Vi mostly and the KE26XX Factory Pulse Usage.vi on how to extract both the voltage and currents from the buffer. However, I always get an error when I reach the Config Measure Event.vi (I believe error -285). In the end the data output is just a placeholder but the right quantity of data points are spit out.

I am attaching my file,hoping someone can point out a syntax error or who knows more.

Thanks and if there is any confusion with my post, I'll do my best to clarify it.

2651 Pulsed Sweep test.vi
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