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Sync 2651A and 3706A script

Model 2651A
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Sync 2651A and 3706A script

Post by iitsVincent » May 15th, 2012, 2:33 am

Dear ALL,
I am trying to do concurrent measurement on K2651A and K3706A.
K2651 will perform a voltage sweep -> upon completion of sourcing each voltage level, 2651 and 3706 will start measuring current and voltage respectively, concurrently.

Can someone give me some pointer?

Look for to your reply.

Thank you


Vince W
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Re: Sync 2651A and 3706A script

Post by Vince W » May 22nd, 2012, 4:31 pm

The approach depends on whether you are performing your voltage sweep using pulses or DC, and how you are programming the 2651A. The short answer would be to write TSP scripts. If you are not already familiar with TSP, I suggest starting there.

One very nice feature of the 2651A and 3706A is that they may be connected together via TSP-Link and controlled from the 2651A. In other words, all scripts for both instruments could reside and execute from the 2651A.

If you are sweeping with DC voltages (in the DC operating area of the 2651A), you can write a straightforward TSP script on the 2651A (or send ICL commands) to force sweep voltages from a table, and for each one, explicitly measure the 2651A source current, and then explicitly measure a voltage on the 3706A. Of course, the timing of this approach will be on the slower side of possible solutions, though surprisingly fast.

If you are sweeping with pulsed voltages, then you will need to become very familiar with the trigger models on both the 2651A and the 3706A. It is possible to trigger the 3706A to measure when the 2651A source event (sets a voltage) is complete. Using TSP commands, you would set up the trigger model operation to perform your sweep and to measure current values on the 2651A. The "source complete" event on the 2651A trigger model would be routed to a TSP-Link Sync line's stimulus input. That TSP-Link Sync line's event output would then be used by the 3706A's trigger model to stimulate either the sequence event (if you are scanning for example) or the measure event.

Of course, there are many other details about setting up both instruments and making sure they are both prepared for the sweep to begin and both are able to perform the required measurements in the programmed pulse periods, and most importantly that both are saving their data to buffers.

Let us know if you need more direction on this approach.

Vince W
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