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Heip with Fluke MetCal Code for 2651A

Model 2651A
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Heip with Fluke MetCal Code for 2651A

Post by NMaunsell » April 18th, 2013, 9:21 am

I am using the following code to set the 2651A to source and measure 5V, I need it to return me the measured value, which it then displays. Sadly the only value it ever returns is 0. When run the set up is okay and from front panel I can see that it is measuring so the only issue I can think of is that the value is either not being returned or the returned value is not being assigned to the MetCal memory register {MEM}. If anyone could please help me figure this out I would really appreciate it. i have been at this now for hours. :roll:
1.010 IEEE smua.source.func= smua.OUTPUT_DCVOLTS
1.011 IEEE smua.source.autorangev=smua.AUTORANGE_ON
1.012 IEEE smua.source.levelv=5
1.013 IEEE smua.source.limiti=10e-3
1.014 IEEE smua.sense=smua.SENSE_REMOTE
1.015 IEEE smua.measure.rangev=10
1.016 IEEE smua.source.output = smua.OUTPUT_ON
1.017 IEEE print (smua.measure.v())
1.018 DISP [MEM]
1.019 IEEE smua.source.output = smua.OUTPUT_OFF

Norbert W
Keithley Applications
Keithley Applications
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Re: Heip with Fluke MetCal Code for 2651A

Post by Norbert W » April 29th, 2013, 1:01 am

The code as such - as tested with the Keithley communicator - works.
So my assumption would be that the problem stems from how your software
handles the return value. May be you can check with the vendor of the software
to understand the core problem.

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Re: Heip with Fluke MetCal Code for 2651A

Post by calHelp » September 12th, 2013, 11:50 pm


I see that the entry is a bit older, but I will answer it anyway for further informations.

In your metcal code is something missing. You do not write your reading into the MEM variable.
Please insert the MEM placeholder for it:

Code: Select all

1.017 IEEE print (smua.measure.v())[I]
1.018 DISP [MEM]
I guess now the request will save in MEM. The is responsible for that. If this should not work, try:

Code: Select all

1.017 IEEE print (smua.measure.v())[I$]
1.018 DISP [MEM"]
to analyse the whole requested string that the unit brings back.

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