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Can the 2657A be operated by ctm?

Model 2657A
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Can the 2657A be operated by ctm?

Post by Christian_K » September 26th, 2015, 6:51 am

I know that the 2657A is usually run by TSP, but for my needs it would be beneficial to be run by a ctm. Basically I need a program for two needleprobers (B4200), whereby on one I only use the intern SMUs and there is only KITE available, while on the other I have additionally to the B4200 a 2657A and I have KITE and ACS. My plan was to use ctm, as they are the only possibility to use for both systems.

However, I don't know, how to call the 2657A in ctm? Is this possible and am I able to do sampling, or is this exclusively available with TSP? Would there be another way to use a program for both systems?

Thanks, Christian

Andrea C
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Re: Can the 2657A be operated by ctm?

Post by Andrea C » September 27th, 2015, 6:52 am

Hi Christian,

The CTM of the ACS software is calling a user library function that is written with the KULT tool on the 4200-SCS.

The KULT tool gives access to GPIB read and write commands, so you can certainly connect the 2657A to the GPIB bus of the 4200-SCS and then write a user library that interacts with the 2657A and returns data back to the sheet.

If ACS is the application that will receive the data, use the ACSPostData() commands. If KITE is the application that will receive the data, use the PostData() commands. You could even define an input parameter to indicate which is the target application and conditionally use ACSPost() or Post() commands.

Question: will the 2657A be used alone or do you need coordinated use of the native 4200-SMU from the same user library? What kind of test routine are you trying to carry out?


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