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Timing for High Voltage SMU

Model 2657A
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Timing for High Voltage SMU

Post by bpatterson » November 10th, 2015, 8:44 am


I'm currently trying to replicate the testing setup of a different instrument on the 2657A to compare the results. The other instrument does a voltage "sweep" by discrete points between 20-30ms pulse width where it goes from 0V to desired voltage of each step without a staircase.

So, do we have any control over the length of the apply voltage with the 2657A? If I were to tell the 2657 to go to a voltage, wait until it settles (1-7ms), and then go back to 0V; would I be able to get something close to 20ms of applied voltage? Are there any built in feature to simplify a non-staircase sweep of voltages? Will this work with a list of voltage instead of start/stop/step? If I want the test to abort on compliance, is there a built-in feature or would I have to do this manually?

Also, is there a simple way to do a single point current driven test? e.g. drive the current to 100uA and measure voltage at the current with a compliance limit at 1500V.


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Re: Timing for High Voltage SMU

Post by brian.d.smith » November 16th, 2015, 4:19 pm

The trigger model can be used to perform custom pulsing. Are you familiar with the trigger model?

The basic limitation will be the slew rate of the 2657A which is fixed. The minimum possible pulse duration is dependent on the peak excursion. What is the peak voltage the pulse?

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