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Can the 2657A perform "Current Bias" tests

Model 2657A
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Can the 2657A perform "Current Bias" tests

Post by ErichRTP » May 17th, 2013, 7:25 am

We currently own a Keithley 4200 which we use to characterize micro electronic devices. There is one specific feature in the Keithley 4200 that is amazing for our work, it is called the Current Bias setting. Basically we can setup a few SMU's on a Voltage Bias and then set one SMU to a Current Bias and choose our desired current set point. The 4200 will actually automatically control the voltage at that particular SMU in order to maintain a constant current at our set point value. This is crucial for some mass testing we are doing and we are looking to duplicate this feature in another piece of equipment. This is what brought us to looking at the 2657A as we do not want to have to purchase another 4200 just for that test.

Does anyone know if the 2657A can provide this type of test? Will it allow us to choose a set current and automatically control the voltage in order to maintain that current?

Thank you

Andrea C
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Re: Can the 2657A perform "Current Bias" tests

Post by Andrea C » May 17th, 2013, 10:24 am


Yes, the 2657A can do that too.

All of the Keithley SourceMeter products have the feature of being able to source voltage or source current.

When asked to source current, you set the voltage compliance limit. So long as the DUT voltage remains below this voltage compliance limit, the SMU will maintain the desired source current value.

Are you expecting for the DUT voltage to be more than 1100 volts?


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