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Quasi-Static CV Example with SMUs and RPMs

Posted: April 27th, 2016, 1:53 pm
by Vince W
Outside of this forum, customers have asked how to use the Quasi-Static CV (qscv) example project on the 4200-SCS
(C:\s4200\kiuser\Projects\_CV\qscv). This project was written with the assumption that two SMUs, which are configured with 4200-PA preamplifiers, are connected directly to the device under test. This example works great to perform C vs. V measurements using SMU's and a charge ramp rate method. (See app note 2973 ... pNote1.pdf)

However, for users with 4225-RPM modules who connect PMU, CVU and SMU/PA connections through the 4225-RPM, you will get an error when you run this example project: "cannot force when not connected" for each forcei() and forcev().

The example project uses a User Test Module (UTM) named 'meas_qscv' which is a C-language module in the QSCVulib User Library.
I've added commands to this User Test Module which will control RPMs for the Force SMU and the Measure SMU used. This eliminates the error messages and switches the SMUs through the RPMs specified in the parameter settings.

You will need KULT and a Visual Studio C/C++ compiler installed on your system to compile the User Module and build the User Library.
  • Please download these three files (attached below): meas_qscv.c, QSCVulib_GUI_Config.xml, and Setup_QSCV.bmp
  • Copy these three attached files to a new folder (no other files should be in this folder) C:\tmp on your 4200-SCS
  • Open KULT, and delete the existing Library named QSCVulib
  • Open a Cmd window and execute the following commands:
    cd c:\tmp
    kultcopy QSCVulib
  • In KULT, open the library QSCVulib and open the module meas_qscv.c
  • select the Build tab at the bottom to watch for errors
  • Compile meas_qscv.c (Options->Compile)
  • Build QSCVulib (Options->Build Library)
  • Verify there are no errors.
Now, you can open the example project qscv. You will now be able to specify which RPM to use for each SMU.
screen shot of UTM
QSVCulib_screen.jpg (91.52 KiB) Viewed 8374 times
C source file for qscv UTM
(10.52 KiB) Downloaded 1615 times
XML file for UTM User GUI in KITE
(7.28 KiB) Downloaded 1539 times
, and
BMP file for UTM User GUI in KITE
Setup_QSCV.bmp (176.77 KiB) Viewed 8374 times