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Download New Releases of KTEI or Clarius Software

Posted: February 1st, 2017, 10:34 am
by Vince W
You can download new releases of 4200-SCS and 4200A-SCS system software - at!

Current releases are:
4200-SCS: KTEI V9.1 SP2

4200A-SCS: Clarius V1.1

Be sure to read the release notes provided with these downloads for specific OS and hardware compatibility and installation instructions.
Also be sure to update your instrument firmware to match the version of system software - this is described in detail in the release notes.

Also note that if you send your 4200-SCS or 4200A-SCS in for calibration or repair, a software update can be installed by request.

Always be sure to back up your project, test, device, and user library files prior to the upgrade.

As this forum post ages, please watch for newer 4200-SCS and 4200A-SCS downloads at and click the Downloads button on the right edge of the page to create your download search.