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How to retrieve VAR2 sweep measurement data with KXCI

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How to retrieve VAR2 sweep measurement data with KXCI

Post by Der_Iltis » September 26th, 2018, 3:51 am

Dear all,

I want to follow the example in the 4200A reference manual. I setup a VAR2 sweep as stated in the reference manual (code below), but can not figure out how to query all data usign the "DO" command. As far as I have tested, it only returns one set of data (as if I had set up a VAR1 sweep):
The following program demonstrates how to program the 4200A-SCS to perform a VAR1 and VAR2
sweep. It assumes that channels 1 through 4 of the KXCI are configured for the SMU function.

Code: Select all

MAXLEN = 2048;
addr = 17;
// Initialize card:
initialize(10, 0);
// Set speed to 0.01 PLC, clear buffer, and
// enable service request for data ready:
send(addr, "IT1 BC DR1",&status);
// Channel definition for SMU1; constant common:
send(addr, "DE CH1,'VE','IE',3,3", &status);
// Define SMU2 for VAR2 I sweep:
send(addr, "CH2,'VB','IB',2,2", &status);
// Define SMU3 for VAR1 V sweep:
send(addr, "CH3,'VC','IC',1,1", &status);
// Define SMU 4 to be off:
send(addr, "CH4", &status);
// Define V-sources and V-meters to be off:
send(addr, "VS1;VS2;VM1;VM2", &status);
// Source setup; VAR1 linear sweep from 0 to 1V in 50 mV
// steps, with I-compliance set to 50 mA:
send(addr, "SS VR1,0,1,0.05,50E-3", &status);
// Source setup; VAR2 sweep from 0 uA to 40 uA in 10 uA steps:
send(addr, "IP 10E-6,10E-6,4,3", &status);
// Select list display mode:
send(addr, "SM DM2", &status);
// Trigger start of test:
send(addr, "MD ME1", &status);
// Wait for data ready:
// The manual states how to save readings in file named "PROG1". However I wouldl ike to output it over the GPIB

// We do not use:
// send(addr, "SV 'D PROG1'", &status);
// Instead, we Output data; 'IC' is the measure channel (SMU3) used by
send(addr, "DO 'IC'", &status);
// Obtain data:
enter(recv, MAXLEN, &len, addr, &status);

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