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4200 Upgrade Scenarios

Hari K

4200 Upgrade Scenarios

Post by Hari K » October 18th, 2010, 10:24 am

1. If the 4200 has a Core2Duo processor; all you need is the 4200-Upgrade
2. If the 4200 has a P4 processor; you need the 4200-Chassis-refurb and the 4200-Upgrade
3. If the 4200 has a P1 or P3 processor; you need the 4200-Complete-refurb and the 4200-Upgrade

Explanation for the upgrades –
4200-Upgrade – Includes: (1) Installation of one or more instrument modules. (2) Full factory calibration on all modules
4200-Chassis-refurb – Includes: (1) Motherboard upgrade (2) HDD upgrade (3) New bezel and display (4) New 9 slot back plane (5) New High Output Power Supply
4200-Complete-refurb - Includes: (1) 4200-Chassis-Refurb (see above) (2) New CPU


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