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Sampling mode

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Sampling mode

Post by anand171 » February 23rd, 2013, 9:19 am

Does 4200-SCS generate any acknowledgement signal after doing a measurement in sampling mode?
I would like to use the acknowledgement signal, if any, to trigger some operation.

Vince W
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Re: Sampling mode

Post by Vince W » May 6th, 2014, 3:12 pm

Yes it does. Keep in mind that this is not a supported feature... meaning that it could change with a future revision to the 4200-SCS platform.
If you are using sampling mode for SMU's, you probably have found that the actual timestamps can differ from the sample rate you request between SMU samples. The Timing dialog for ITM definitions allows you to select "FAST" sampling speed. You do sacrifice accuracy when using fast sampling speed.

If you connect to the Trigger Module "Out" connector using a DIN connector like the Keithley 8503 DIN-to-BNC, you can connect to the trigger link output #1. This output sends a ~5uS low-going pulse from 5V (steady state) to 0V and back. This pulse happens when the test begins, and then at each SMU measurement. Honestly, I cannot be sure if it indicates the measurement is complete, or if it is initiated. I assume that it is intended for switching to index a scan, which would mean that each pulse precedes each measurement.

Since this is not a supported feature, this is the best information I can provide.
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