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KickStart version 2.6.0 Now Available!

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KickStart version 2.6.0 Now Available!

Post by Stuart M » September 13th, 2021, 12:43 pm

KickStart version 2.6.0 Now Available!

KickStart version 2.6.0 is now available for download! This is the latest release on the KickStart 2.0 platform.
KickStart version 2.6.0 includes these updates:

Key Features
• Save time by automating data collection of millions of readings.
• Set up a multi-instrument test with the ability to independently control up to eight instruments.
• Supports power supplies, source measure unit (SMU) instruments, DMMs, dataloggers and oscilloscopes.
• Replicate tests quickly using saved test configurations.
• Use built-in plotting and comparison tools to quickly discover measurement anomalies and trends.
• Users can launch a one-time 60-day free trial at any time for the KickStart Apps individually
• Distributes I-V Tracer application to Graphical SourceMeter SMU instruments

Changes in Version 2.6.0
• Added configuration support to the I-V Characterizer app to run multiple DC and Pulse channels within the same test. These channels can also be configured to run in a stepper - sweeper configuration.
• Added a repeat field to the new I-V Characterizer user interface that allows you to define how many times the sweep is executed. This is for DC and Pulse sweep and list sweep modes only and is not available for DC bias or Pulse train modes.
• Added waveform visualizer to the I-V Characterizer app so that you can quickly confirm the output pulse shape, measurements, and timings.
• Added channel summary blocks to the I-V Characterizer App so that you can quickly verify their channel settings.
• Improved the I-V Characterizer app with the ability to add an instrument (click Add Instrument button) in the app.
• Misc. problems resolved.

Learn more about KickStart software here: https://www.tek.com/keithley-kickstart
Download KickStart 2.6.0 here: https://www.tek.com/software/kickstart/2-6-0


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