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Calibration Manuals / Documentation

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Allen O
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Calibration Manuals / Documentation

Post by Allen O » July 20th, 2012, 1:57 pm

Is the calibration documentation available for the current Keithley instruments? Yes, but it helps to understand how the documentation may have been organized. So the rule of thumb to follow in finding your cal procedure is:

If the unit has an Instruction Manual -> all information is in that manual
If the unit has a Service Manual -> cal and verify is in that manual
If the unit has a Repair Manual -> the cal information is in a separate cal/verify manual (ex. 2000/2001/2002)
If the unit has a Reference Manual -> cal/verify is in that manual (this is current situation)

A good way to start your search is to go to:
Type in the model then the spy glass to search for all information on that model
Go to the “manual” section
All of the manuals should be there.

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