Model 2000 DMM talking problem with RS232

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Model 2000 DMM talking problem with RS232

Post by kaszpore » July 18th, 2017, 4:30 am


I have issues with getting a Model 2000 to talking using Python / PyVisa. I am using baud rate = 19.2k, <CR> as termination, no flow control, and I have made sure that these match the settings on the device too (I have actually tried BR = 9600 and XON/XOFF flow control as well, does not change anything).

I can send one-way commands with no problem, and they are executed, e.g. ":disp:enab off". I am actually monitoring directly the data lines and decode the sent data, I am absolutely sure that the device is receiving exactly the characters that I indent to send. "REM" annunciator is activated.

But I cannot get any reply from the device, not even to *IDN?. It receives the command, but the TALK annunciator is not getting activated.

I have read the manual where they provide Quick Basic code, and I have seen the OUTPUT and ENTER commands are used frequently, the purpose of the latter is claimed to activate the TALK annunciator. How can I do this with Python?

Or is it unrelated and the problem lies elsewhere? I would appreciate any help.

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