Keithley 2100/Current Style Handle and Rear Case Bumper wanted!

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Keithley 2100/Current Style Handle and Rear Case Bumper wanted!

Post by Chris56000 » November 1st, 2017, 1:52 pm


I acquired at a reasonable price a Keithley 2100 DMM which, altho' out of cal, works and reads accurately enough to be usable for my purposes!

However, it came from somewhere populated by unknown persons who insist on removing the handle, white plastic rear bezel and rear cushion to fit it in lab racks, etc., and despite polite enquiries, the seller insisted he knew nothing about them!

As I've purchased the meter for carrying to a friend's from time to time, I'll need these parts!

Is there any UK/European Member or anyone who uses this style of instrument in a rack (and may no longer need these three parts) on this Forum who can:-

a) Either furnish me with a handle. rear case plastic bezel and the rear case rubber bumper, and the back screws (I think they might be UNC) that will fit? - I'm assuming most of the modern style Keithley instruments use the same physical case size? Any reasonable price paid & postage reimbursed!

b) Advise me of the part nos so I can send an enqury to tek?

Many thanks,

Chris Williams

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