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Model 2000 - Difference between Sample Count and Trigger Count

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Model 2000 - Difference between Sample Count and Trigger Count

Post by WolleKette » June 23rd, 2020, 3:46 am


I try to program some measurements with our Keithley Model 2000 in Python using a RS232 connection.
While reading the manual and my experiments in Python I noticed that I obviously don't understand the difference between Sample Count and Trigger Count.

I want to perform a series of dc voltage measurements in a specific time intervall and there after read the values from the instrument. E. g. 5 measurements in an intervall of 20ms. Every 20ms one measurement.

If I use the following sequence, then I can read values as often as I like and I get one value each time. (Initialization commands skiped of course)

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:TRIG:TIM 0.02

And if I use the following, every time, I read from the device, I get 5 values. But in what interval are the values capured?

Code: Select all

I obviously have a problem understanding the model. Can someone please help me?

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