Common SCPI Errors

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Common SCPI Errors

Post by Dale C » June 22nd, 2010, 11:06 am

-113 Undefined Header - This is a syntax error. Most -100 series SCPI errors are syntax errors.
-This would generate a -113 error because in the command there is no letter T at the end the word VOLT.

-211 Trigger Ignored - This error shows up when a trigger is received, usually an external or TLINK trigger, and the unit does not require the trigger in order to proceed to the next level of the trigger model, generally to take readings.

-213 Init Ignored - This is an error where the unit is already in the process of taking data. Now an INIT command is received. Since it is already in the mode, the INIT is ignored. To remedy this do not send an INIT or just use *RST in the beginning of the program. *RST uses the :INIT:CONT OFF mode. Then send a :READ? to request a reading. The :READ? command includes an INIT.

-221 Settings Conflict - This error is an ambiguous and confusing error. All it means is that the unit is configured in one manner and the received command cannot be processed because it is trying to set something that the present configuration cannot accomplish.
This would generate -221 errors because the CURRENT function can only be programmed for external scans, not internal.

-222 Parameter Data Out of Range - Data is out of the range of command.
This would generate an error because there is no 1e6 range for DCV.

-410 Query interrupted - This error shows up when the unit has been sent a query)e;g; TRACE:DATA?) and not all the data has been read before another command is received. Usually this happens when the data string is not large enough to accept all the data the 2001 has to send. Then the 2001 is in a mode where it is trying to send more data and another command is recieved. Always set the data string to at least the amount of bytes that are expected.

-420 Query Unterminated - This error shows up normally when a reading is request by the controller but no query was sent.


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