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DMM7510, SMU 2450 & 2460 problems

DMM7510 7½-Digit Graphical Sampling Multimeter
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Re: DMM7510, SMU 2450 & 2460 problems

Post by pa4tim » June 4th, 2018, 9:11 am

new 7510 , first hour of use a Blue screen of death
Firmware rev 01.06.4C,
faultcode: PC=0012D6F8

last week it arrived, I was playing around with it in the continuity function, pressed MENU and the screen got blue.

Today an other continuity problem, now not a blue screen but it hang up the meter. I changed the limit to 1.5V . After that I could change to the function screen but no response, until I pressed another function the round in progress thingy showed up and stayed then I had to re-power it.

OT: Great meter, I really like it. For me the speed, the sampling part (even better as I hoped), the dry circuit ohms, the nOhm-Gohm , pA resolution and the easy user interface are the winners but I do not know if I like the continuity and diode functions.
2 functions that are very important for me. (I really like the continuity from my 2000)
Continuity is fast enough but it latches much to long and the beep sounds like a mix of bird with a cold and a choked mouse.
Diode test has two levels and a beep (the same choked mouse), what is great on its own but not for my use. (component level repair work) My Agilent beeps once for a diode and stays beeping on a short so I do not have to look to the screen. The 14V is also great but not always for use in situ.

I still like the meter, it is so comfortable in use. I normally have a handful of meters powered up so I do not need to switch functions, but it is a bit sick a meter in this class after 3 years still has bugs. My Siglent scopemeter has some bugs too but not in a way it stalls and need a repower cycle (and is probably the cheapest isolated scopemeter on the market instead of a high end meter like the 7510)

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