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DMM7510 Amp-Hour Meter (script)

DMM7510 7½-Digit Graphical Sampling Multimeter
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DMM7510 Amp-Hour Meter (script)

Post by JBrown54 » August 10th, 2017, 8:19 am

For those interested, we have a script created by one of our Field Applications Engineers which turns the DMM7510 into a continuously running Amp-Hour meter. Features are...
  • Sets the meter to digitize current with a count of 1.
  • Sets the default sample rate and buffer size to 15k.
  • Runs continuously until user presses the TRIGGER key on the front of the instrument.
  • Provides Amp-Hrs and Avg-I calculations on the USER swipe screen.
  • The user can still poll the instrument remotely for the Amp-Hr and Avg-I information.
Because it's a script you can modify the sample rate to whatever your needs are, but keep it at 150kS/s or lower to ensure optimal performance with remote operations.

A couple ideas for improvement we've already considered:
  • Provide a numeric input box for the operator to interactively set the sample rate before the measurements begin.
  • Provide supplemental feedback dialogs or restrictions in code to enforce the max sample rate listed above.
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