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making a "autohold" table

DMM7510 7½-Digit Graphical Sampling Multimeter
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making a "autohold" table

Post by pa4tim » July 18th, 2018, 4:27 am

I want to set my meter so that it takes a measurement if the input is higher as a certain value. I often have to measure a bunch of testpoints or IC pins, note them and then as a compare do it again on an other pcb. (repair-work and reverse engineering) I now measure, try to memorize the value, lay down the probe and write down the value.

I had hoped the 7510 could make that much more easy using a waveform trigger but I can not get it to work. Using manual trigger comes close but the timebase keeps running between measurements. That gives a huge list where I have to find the right values.

I want him to stop everything until it triggers and do the measurement, show it in the graph/table and then stop again until the next trigger. I'm talking about something like 4 to 50 measurements (fi 16 measurements for a 16 pin IC) in a row.

If no other possibility, I can live with a mechanical triggering (fi mount a switch on my probe or use a footswitch) But I want a table with only the measurements not.

I have no computer available to connect the meter (no room for a computer on the bench, only a lot of testgear ;) )

Andrea C
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Keithley Applications
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Re: making a "autohold" table

Post by Andrea C » July 23rd, 2018, 4:11 pm

Are you able to successfully setup the meter to acquire N readings in response to one analog trigger event?

If yes, then seems it would only need to be modified to add a Loop Counter Block to branch back to the wait analog trigger.
If you have 16 pins to measure, then branch 16 times.
Your final buffer would be N readings * the branch count.

All this could be done on the front panel and then save the setup for future use.

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