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2182a performing zero current electrochemical measurement

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2182a performing zero current electrochemical measurement

Post by Albert » May 10th, 2014, 7:18 pm


I'm trying to use my 2182a as a voltmeter to do a zero current electrochemical measurement. I'm trying to measure the potential between a reference electrode (saturated calomel electrode) and my GaN sample submerged in solution. Is the Keithley 2182a capable of doing this experiment? If so, how should I connect it to my system?

I'm new to this field and really need some help... any reply is appreciated!



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Re: 2182a performing zero current electrochemical measuremen

Post by brian.d.smith » May 15th, 2014, 7:39 am

Page 2-3 of the 2182A Reference Manual has this paragraph

"Voltage measurements
The Model 2182 has two voltage measurement functions: DCV1 and DCV2. DCV1 is
available for input Channel 1, and DCV2 is available for Channel 2.
DCV1 (Channel 1) has five measurement ranges (10mV, 100mV, 1V, 10V, and 100V) and can
measure voltage from 1nV to 120V. DCV2 (Channel 2) has three measurement ranges (100mV,
1V, and 10V) and can measure voltage from 10nV to 12V. Accuracy for each channel is listed
in the specifications (Appendix A)."

You will connect channel 1 of the instrument to your device with the included input cable.

You select the voltage range using the up and down arrow keys on the front panel. Or you can set the instrument to auto range by pressing the auto key.

The instrument will come up in DCV1 mode at start up in factory default mode.

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