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2182A very long settling/read-out time

2182 Series Support
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2182A very long settling/read-out time

Post by z.diam » October 16th, 2019, 1:50 am


I'm having trouble with the slowness of my 2182A when making voltage measurements. I'm sending external triggers to it every 300 ms, however I'm not getting the correct number of readings. I send 5 triggers but the Keithley only takes 2 readings. I have ruled out any issues with the external trigger, so the issue must be with the Keithley.

I have set the rate to 1 PLC, I have turned off autozero and the digital filter. The sample is set to 1, the delay is set to 0, and the range is fixed. As far as I'm aware the integration time should be 20 ms, and the discharge/read-out time in the same order, so 300 ms between triggers should be ample time for the Keithley to return to a state ready to take the next measurement.

I have had it working in this configuration before, therefore I feel like I'm missing something. Are there any other factors that will affect the measurement time?


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