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Resistivity, Temperature and Voltage Measurement by 2182

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Resistivity, Temperature and Voltage Measurement by 2182

Post by muratgunes » June 23rd, 2012, 9:53 am

I wish to measure resistivity of a sample using Keithley238 current source and 2182. Is ther any sofware for what I can use them to make Delta Measurement.
I actually made a Labview program in which current is applied by 238 and voltage is read by 2182. But the problem is current is applied for a long time. I want to apply current in a very short time otherwise, long time current heat the sample, that is pelties effect.

Anyone can help me to get rid of this effect.


I need to measure Temperature from Ch2 soon after Voltage measurement from Ch1. The time between these two measurement should be as short as possible. I made a vi and I attached it.

Could anyone can check the vi and help me to solve this problem.

Thanks from now.

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Jane S
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Re: Resistivity, Temperature and Voltage Measurement by 2182

Post by Jane S » June 26th, 2012, 4:53 pm

1. We do not have a software developed for the instrumentation you have to do Delta Mode measurement. We have a freeware for delta mode measurement using 6221A + 2182A. If self heating is an issue, you might want to check Keithley's pulse capabilities under 4200 Pulse (see link).

http://www.keithley.com/products/semico ... n=4225-PMU

2. What you are trying to do can be done. It might be best to ask LV programming expert to debug your code.

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