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Unable to connect 6221 via PC mode (ethernet)

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Unable to connect 6221 via PC mode (ethernet)

Post by iamashwin99 » October 23rd, 2021, 7:24 pm

I'm trying to get the 6221 - 2182A setup for differential conductivity measurement,I have connected the two instruments with RS232 and trigger link cable as suggested in the manual. I have also set up the 2182A communication with the right baud rate etc. and I'm able to manually measure the conductance from the front panel of 6221. However, when I try to control the 6221 via the PC, using Free Example Software for the Models 6220/6221.  I keep getting an error "The Model 2182A can not be found. Verify connections using the Step-By-Step Connection Instructions on the next page, then return here to retest or attempt a measurement. " However I can ping the 6221's IP as shown in the following image, and I am able to do a conductance measurement from the front panel which tells me that 6221 and 2182A are indeed able to communicate to each other. Please let me know if there is anything I'm missing / I can check to rectify this issue 


Image link : https://imgur.com/N3hOPGf

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