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6221: External trigger of sweep

6220, 6221 Current Sources
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6221: External trigger of sweep

Post by miguelf » February 16th, 2015, 10:42 am

I would like some advice about whether it is possible, and what's the easiest way to implement the following setup:

- Have source (6221) to initiate sweep after a remote trigger (either on trigger link or SOT) event generated by 3rd party circuit;
- Execute all steps in the sweep without interruption;
- Before/after the current sweep I will also need to turn ON/OFF a relay;

I was testing the different remote trigger options, but could only have it partially working with the trigger link inputs. And even this case I was required to always press the trig button in the source panel before, the external trigger would have any effect. I had no success at all in trying to initiate the sweep while using the SOT input.

For turning ON/OFF the relay I was initially thinking of using the Digital I/O outputs, but I believe that these can only be controlled via one of the remote interfaces SCPI commands. Could someone please confirm these and advice on what are the best options.

Thanks in advance

Norbert W
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Re: 6221: External trigger of sweep

Post by Norbert W » February 20th, 2015, 6:10 am


I guess there are two main points to comment:
- to avoid an additional pushbutton trigger please select 'Bypass Arm Event Detector' -> ONCE
- an output trigger at trigger layer (TL) exit will only last for several microseconds (see signal description with - in the manual) -
could it be possible that you have a trigger but it is not long enough at present for your setup?

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