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6220 trying to use "Set Current Level.vi"

6220, 6221 Current Sources
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6220 trying to use "Set Current Level.vi"

Post by andre15 » May 26th, 2015, 1:57 am


I am trying to use the "Set Current Level.vi" given by Keithley. But the VI isn't working. When I enter a current level the output stays zero. Only the decimal point and the current range are set correct. I tried to locate the problem, but I am new in LabVIEW and can't find it.

for example, when I enter 10.000mA the output is 00,000mA

Can someone help me please?

Set Current Level.vi
(30.82 KiB) Downloaded 1141 times

Andrea C
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Keithley Applications
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Re: 6220 trying to use "Set Current Level.vi"

Post by Andrea C » May 27th, 2015, 5:02 am

To have the current source actually apply the requested stimulus value, there are a few more required steps than just set the current level.
Also need to set the source range, voltage compliance limit and most importantly turn the output on.
With the LabVIEW project style driver that you downloaded, look in the examples folder (typically: \instr.lib\Keithley 622x\Examples) and look at the KE622x -- Setup DC Current Source Example.vi. This shows the use of "Set Current Level.vi" in a proper context.

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