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6430 Output off Damage to DUT

6220, 6221 Current Sources
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Re: 6430 Output off Damage to DUT

Post by brian.d.smith » September 4th, 2015, 5:31 am

Here is a suggestion. Rig up a way to ground all of the connections of your FETs; drain, source and gate. Make your connections between the 6430s and your FETS. Only after all of the connections are in place, remove the shorts and then turn on the outputs of the 6430s.

Please answer my previous questions about whether you have a guard enclosure. Attached is a demonstration of measuring 1/2 pA. Without the guard enclosure, there is no possibility of having a stable pA in a device in open air. Noise and proximity of a human body create a charge in the device that can be measured on the front panel of the 6430. The noise and induced current are on the order of 1nA.

Using alligator clips in open will work for sourcing or measuring 1uA. It will not work for 1pA.
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