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How to switch off 6221 output after a sweep.

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How to switch off 6221 output after a sweep.

Post by chrissa » August 11th, 2016, 7:51 am

I use the realterm console program via a serial interface (hardware handshaking) to drive a 6221.
I want a program that sets the current from the 6221 as follows:
1. -10pA or any small value for 1 second. This is just a dummy/setup point.
2. then +10mA for 0.03 seconds
3. then I want the output off or ideally set to -1pA

The program below does not work. The problem is that I have to set the range to 20e-3 to handle the 10mA point. When the 6221 then switch to 0 the output is still on but the current out is not 0. It is several 10's of nA, negative.

:CURR:RANG 20e-3;
:SOUR:LIST:CURR 0, 10e-3, 0;
:SOUR:LIST:DEL 1, 0.03, 1;
:SOUR:LIST:COMP 0.1, 2.45, 2.45;

If I change the :SOUR:SWE:RANG FIXED; to :SOUR:SWE:RANG BEST; it still does the same.

So my question. How do I generate the signal intended as described above i.e.
1. Switch to -1pA from 10mA in a sweep
2. Or switch the output off after having it on for 0.03 seconds at +10mA.

Adding OUTP OFF; after the sweep does not work. It never executes the sweep. It just turns off.
Any help will be appreciated

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Re: How to switch off 6221 output after a sweep.

Post by rustyman » July 3rd, 2017, 10:37 am

If you pass the command


before you pass the command


The meter will wait until all previous commands are complete before passing the next one. I.e. It will finish your sweep before it turns off the output.

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