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6221 Trigger for Waveform/Sweep

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6221 Trigger for Waveform/Sweep

Post by Q_Rebecca07 » February 22nd, 2017, 3:34 pm

I'm trying to use an external trigger for a simple square waveform. I read from the reference manual that it needs to have a firmware revision A03 or later in order to use trigger for waveform, so I downloaded and installed firmware revision A04. It didn't work.

It is really confusing that in the chapter of Wave Functions (7), the reference says it is possible (with A03 firmware) to use an external trigger mode so that the wave will start upon the tigger. However, in the chapter of Triggering (8), it says
The trigger models control when to switch to the next point in a sweep and how
many sweeps to perform (see Section 4 for details on sweeps). Note that the trigger
configuration does not affect other Model 622x operation including normal output
currents and Model 6221 wave functions.
Can someone help me with setting up external trigger for waveform? Thanks!

A few facts:
- Wave function used: arbitrary waveform with two steps, 0 and 1 mA. Frequency: 1 kHz
- External trigger used: TTL

I initially used an externally triggered sweep, but the problem with that is the lag between the trigger signal and actual current output is about a fraction of millisecond. But my experiment requires the current to be synchronized with other signals in the sequence, and that is why I'm using a TTL trigger to control it. The reference claims that the waveform will start within 1 us after the trigger, so I'm hoping the waveform+trigger works better, if it works.

Dale C
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Re: 6221 Trigger for Waveform/Sweep

Post by Dale C » March 27th, 2017, 10:50 am

Output waveform with external trigger on Model 6221.

Here is a procedure to output a Sine waveform for five seconds at receipt of an external trigger.
1. Press CONFIG, let go.
2. Press WAVE.
3. Select TYPE, press ENTER.
4. Select SINE, press ENTER.
5. Select DURATION, press ENTER.
6. Select SET-TIME, press ENTER.
7. Enter in 5 seconds, press ENTER.
8. Select MORE, press ENTER.
9. Select TRIG-MODE, press ENTER.
10. Select TLNK-#1, press ENTER.
11. Press EXIT, EXIT.
12. Press AMPL and enter in the current value required. Press ENTER.
13. Press FREQ and enter in the frequency required. Press ENTER.
14. Press CONFIG, let go, press ARM LAYER. Press ENTER.
15. Select ARM-IN, press ENTER.
16. Select IMM, press ENTER.
17. Press EXIT.
18. Select TRIG-LAYER, press ENTER.
19. Select TRIGGER-IN, press ENTER.
20. Select TRIGGER-LINK, press ENTER.
21. Select #1. press ENTER.
22. Select NEVER, press ENTER.
23. Press EXIT, EXIT, EXIT.
24. Press WAVE.
25. Press TRIG.
26. Now apply external trigger to TLINK line #1.
Should see the waveform being output.

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