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Negative polarity setting (6221)

6220, 6221 Current Sources
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Negative polarity setting (6221)

Post by choiyg119 » August 8th, 2018, 10:52 pm

Hi, I am a user of 6221 current source. My situation is as follows.
I use 6221 with radio frequency lock-in amplifier (RF LIA) (SR844) and trigger signal is connected from RF LIA to 6221.
6221 generates triggered sine wave signal.
At here, I want to change the polarity of sine wave signal (-sine). Now, I just change its polarity by using mechanical switch but I want to do it with remote control. I think that the way to change polarity is that one is put phase delay between trigger signal and signal output as 180 degree. Second is using internal toggle switch. However, I cannot fine any function.

Thank you.

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