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Keithley 2700 and 7705 switching card: Scanning model with triggering

Posted: June 19th, 2017, 7:37 am
by mi_kr_l

For my application, I am using a Keithley 2700 DMM with a 7705 switching card.

I would like to implement the step model with an external trigger but no measurements.

The control flow of the program should go like this:

1. Initialise the card (channels to be scanned, external trigger source, etc)
2. Wait for an external trigger
3. Ensure channels that are not being used this time are open
4. Upon receiving the trigger, close the current channel
5. LOOP: Goto step 2 until all channels are done

All of the documentation, examples, etc I have found use a card with measurements or just loop through all channels at once without waiting for a trigger.

Does anyone have the SCPI commands or a resource with them?